What People are Saying…

“(Saleem) Heggins’ verses are strikingly smooth and articulate” –Sam Sessa, The Baltimore Sun

“Saleem and the Music Lovers is one of my very favorite bands local or otherwise because they never fail to bring a crowd and also I am a big fan.”-Kevin Carter, Owner of Club Reality

“Saleem is a TRUE EMCEE who engages the crowd effectively & quickly with the most clearly evident reason for EVERYONE to be there…Their love of music.” -P-Funk, Promoter

“If an MC like Talib is listening, shouldn’t you be, too?” -SĒN Baltimore

“This group has created quite a buzz…With only an EP floating around, fans are eager to hear more from this up and coming group.” -The Bottom Line (Frostburg University)

You are hip hop.” -DJ Excel

“Saleem masterfully controlled the stage with his presence and hip-hop bravado…hands were in the air for the vast majority of the (Saleem & The Music Lovers) set.” –Wisdom – Wisdom, Beat, Rhymes and Life

“With a silky lyrical flow and a mellow beat, Saleem’s album Hip Hop Revisited is something all hip hop enthusiasts should own.” –Candace Williams – The Examiner

“Great sound, Great band, very professional” -Sean Gibbs – Parkside Lounge-Sound Engineer

“…the love child of The Roots, The Fugees, and A Tribe Called Quest…” -DJ K-Swyft, The Bronx Blend King – WTNRRadio

“The dopest band you haven’t heard…yet.” -Ryan C. Greene, Talk Show Host – 88.9 FM